Mobile Number Porting – Part 3

TATA has tweeted that port out request is valid till April 8th:

Right now I am clueless on how this is going to happen. Day before yesterday I got a call from Idea repeating the same that TATA is blocking my port out request:

Idea: Hello Sir, You complained on twitter about your porting request.
Me: Yes.
Idea: Sir I want to let you know that its still blocked from TATA’s side.
Me: What?
Idea: Yes TATA doesnt want to leave you.
Me: But why? I am not even famous.
Idea: You will have to talk to TATA.
Me: Why dont you check their tweets, they have already mentioned that they have registered my port out request with some docket number.
Idea: No Sir. They are not accepting our request. You have to talk to them again.
Me: But why should I talk to them? I want my number to be ported to Idea and hence I filled your form.
Idea: Yes Sir we understand your concern. But we cant do anything.
Me: Do one thing, tweet to me and mention TATA that they have blocked my port out request.
Idea: Hmmm ok Sir.
Me: Thanks.

There was a tweet from @tatadocomo:

And I never got a call from them. Network problems?

One more tweet:

Alternate number? I never gave them any alternate number.


One thought on “Mobile Number Porting – Part 3

  1. Tata’s ‘alternate number’ is fraud. My case: My wife was receiving calls and sms for bills as I gave her number as alternate number. And, I was wondering why I’m not getting any SMS or calls!

    This explains it all 🙂

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