Mobile Number Porting – Part 1

I have a TATA CDMA phone number which I want to port to Idea GSM (pre-paid). I have already applied for it a while back (more than a month) and I have got Idea SIM card which is suppose to start working with the same TATA number I have.

Since I have the SIM from over a month and its not started yet, I decided tweet about this to @ideacellular:

And this is the reply by @ideacellular:

I gave them my contact info and I got a call from Idea next day:

Me: Hello?

Idea: Hello Sir, My name is <something> and I am calling from Idea.

Me: Ok?

Idea: Did you write on twitter about number porting?

Me: Yes, I already have Idea SIM card with me but its not working yet.

Idea: Ok Sir.. I see in the system that there is a problem from TATA. They are not allowing to port out.

Me: Ok so?

Idea: You will have to call them and talk to them about this. Visit TATA gallery.

Me: Why should I go there? I applied to port my card to Idea so you guys need to figure out this with TATA.

Idea: Yes sir but in this case you will have to talk to them.

Me: So everyone who wants to port to Idea does this?

Idea: No. But please call them once, they might solve the issue from their side.

Me: Ok. I will call them.

Idea: And also please send a message “PORT” to 1909.

Me: I think this was already done when I filled the form.

Idea: Yes. Do it again so that we can re-initiate the process.

Me: Ok I will. Thanks.

Idea: Thank you for your time.


As discussed on phone call, I will call TATA and will post the next part soon.


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