Rs.20,000 Only

Few days ago I and Kruti had been to IDBI bank (Virar branch) to deposit cash for the tour this year end. We are 2 couples and minimum amount payable for the tour package was Rs. 25000. We entered the bank and everything looked good, nicely painted in green which matched IDBI bank’s logo.

We went to the corner where 4-5 people were filling the slips to deposit cash/cheque. And when it was our turn there wasn’t a slip left for us. We asked the watchman who was standing near the door. And without saying anything he directed us to the counter where we can find the slip book. We got the slip book and started filling a slip of Rs. 25000 cash.

After filling the form we were standing in a queue. After about 15 mins it was our number. I handed over the slip the person who was collecting it. He look at us and said:

Amount greater than Rs. 20,000 is not allowed!

I and Kruti: What??

IDBI guy: Yes. Amount more than Rs.20,000 is not allowed for accounts which are out of state.

( The tour company was from Kerela )

Me: We are doing a tour. And it requires us to pay Rs.25,000 amount in advance.

IDBI guy: Ok. Let me talk to the manager.

He dialed some extension and started talking:

Madam, I have someone… BLAH BLAH BLAH..
hmm.. Ok.. So can we?.. Oh ok


IDBI guy: Sorry sir we cant do that. We can only do it for “max” Rs. 20,000.

Me: Ok.

We left the queue. Thought for sometime. Then filled 2 slips, first with Rs. 15000 and second with Rs. 10000. First slip had my name and second slip was with Kruti’s name, and in queue again.

Soon it was our number and I gave him 2 slips.

IDBI guy: Sir, as I said before we cant do this.

Me: Now whats the problem? These are 2 different slips with the name of 2 different people.

IDBI guy: For one account, per day, out of state, we can only do Rs. 20,000 transaction.

Me: Ohho.. So you mean if there is a second couple who has to pay today after me, they cant go to honeymoon because of this?

IDBI guy: Yes. This account can only do Rs. 20,000 transaction “per day”.

At this moment I wanted to ROTFL.

Me: What kind of rule is this? And can you tell me where is this written?

Some lady voice from some meters away:

Hey, you are not suppose to argue there, whatever it is come here and talk

We went there and explained it to her.

IDBI lady: Whatever it is.. As we said we cant do it. This is a rule.. BLAH BLAH.. You are not suppose to argue.. BLAH BLAH


Kruti to Me: Lets just fill up Rs. 20,000 and call our tour guy and say we can only do Rs. 20,000 because of bank.

There was no reason to disagree.

Just filled the new slip of Rs. 20,000 and out of there.


5 thoughts on “Rs.20,000 Only

  1. Bullshit. These bank people need to teach lesson. They’re serving us and it is our money. I’ve various experiences with different banks and all banks are almost same.

    Check Jace’s experience with ICICI (should be findable via twitter) and Yes bank.

    At one point of time, Kotak also completely fucked up my a/c but it seems well going (touch my table) 😛

  2. ROFL in this line .. ” Ohho.. So you mean if there is a second couple who has to pay today after me, they cant go to honeymoon because of this? ”

    haha .. imagine if they arrive what would be their reaction to this !! 😛

  3. What if you discuss this with your CA or any guy who knows bank rule? Did you ask them? Any letter, notification from RBI and stuff. BTW I guess this rule is to prevent black money transfer and hawala and stuff like this .. interesting .. will check with my CA and update here again.

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