Zero balance account

This is the discussion I had with Bank of Baroda, Borivli Branch on a phone call:

Me: Hello
BoB guy: Hello?
Me: Hi, I wanted to enquire why did my cheque bounced.
BoB guy: Ok. What was the amount?
Me: It was the whole amount I had in account. I have a zero balance account.
BoB guy: You cant do that. You need atleast Rs. 1000/- balance in account.
Me: But its a zero balance account!!
BoB guy: Yes. But zero balance account should have Rs. 1000/- balance.


5 thoughts on “Zero balance account

  1. hahaha! to balance that ‘1’ they use 3 ‘0’s …hence zero ‘balance’ 😀

    You should have asked for his superior. You would have heard same from his superior 😛

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