HowTo: ReverseProxy to https in Apache

To enable reverse proxy (for http and https) you need these modules enabled in Apache:

  • mod_proxy
  • mod_proxy_http
  • mod_proxy_connect

When you reverse proxy requests to http, add following lines to Apache configuration file:

ProxyPass /abc
ProxyPassReverse /abc

This is proxy all the content on /abc to So when you access /abc you will see the contents of

But to reverse proxy https content you need a CA certificate. The CA certificate is the same certificate that the server uses to serve https content.
You need to add these lines in Apache configuration file:

SSLProxyEngine On
SSLProxyCACertificateFile ssl/certificate.pem
ProxyPass /abc
ProxyPassReverse /abc

For more details:


2 thoughts on “HowTo: ReverseProxy to https in Apache

  1. Hi there. Do you know how to set up a reverse proxy where the client connects over https, but the proxy connects to the final destination server using http?

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