Thank you Dada

Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly

I am big fan of Sourav Ganguly aka Dada, The Royal Bengal Tiger, Comeback King, etc . He will be remembered as a man who changed Indian Cricket.
Thank you dada. We will miss you.

Check out this very good post:


2 thoughts on “Thank you Dada

  1. hey dada, u will be most remembered in my memories as an aggressive indian captian who did wonders when the odds were on indian cricket’s face. u made us belive that our guyz have the stuff to win on forign land and not only win bt win convincingly.

    what ever the controversies say but u r truely a great leader and the whole country is proud to have a leader like u.

    the tiger will never die in the memories of indain cricket lovers who have witnessed his magic……the master of the off side……

  2. DADA we still mises u but we will carry ur endless spirit in ours life!!!!
    DADA you r the one to take BANGALI to the world!!!

    DADA tomake SELAAM

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