Why Debian?

I have been using Linux since 2001. And amongst all the Linux distributions and other Operating Systems used Debian is my favorite.


I love debian because of the bunch of reasons:

  • Its free.
  • It is the best development environment.
  • It is not bloatware like other distributions. It works on my old system too.
  • The /usr/share/doc directory is great.
  • People think debian is “only for geeks” distro. No its not. It includes all the applications that can be used on daily basis like Office suites (Openoffice, KOffice), Audio/Video players (Vlc, Kaffiene etc), Browsers (Firefox is known as Iceweasel in debian), Messengers (Pidgin, Kopete) and many many more. My sister is not a programmer but she uses debian too.

Here is an interesting link: Why Debian?


3 thoughts on “Why Debian?

  1. One more reason is everything is available on CD/DVD’s.. No need of internet!

    Also I use debian because its debian….

  2. I have this website to HELP the Windows users. I got tired of ALL the reinstalls and wasted time in between ERRORS. I have an old DELL with two hard drives I have
    Windows XP Pro on the 80gb and Debian on the 10gb.
    I have NO problems with DEBIAN! Debian Rocks!!
    Willy Begone

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