Happy New Year

I know its pretty late..

Happy New Year 2008

This is my first post after intro..

It was my birthday on 21st december. My friends Aamod, Mandar and Mandar come with a gift in the morning. It was a worst possible gift I have ever recieved. They installed some proprietary OS on my laptop. I dont want to tell what was that.. but it was a shit.. The real gift was the T-Shirt they gave me with the text “Troublemaker” on it. My mom made “Gaajar ka Halwa” which she is been doing on my birthdays.

Then we went for a movie Taare Zameen Par. A must watch movie for everyone not only for kids.

In evening I was with my friends Bharat and Chetan. We went to restaurant for dinner.

Later on 1 January I was at Navsary with my family to enjoy new year.

Some news for foss lovers: We are coming up with an event in Viva college. I will post more details once we plan everything. Please do participate in it and make it successful event.

Have a great year ahead.

Happy Hacking.


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Event is for every FREEDOM lover not just foss lover. After attending event freedom lovers can also experience freedom in computing..

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